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Matrix24 Laboratories LLC EverSafe Brands EverSafe All Natural Mosquito Control The Art and Science
According to the University of Florida Entomology and Mosquito Studies website, there are many variables relating to mosquito control in the field, as opposed to the laboratory. This makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible to replicate laboratory results in real world outdoor environments. Add to that the fact that there are about two thousand varieties of mosquitoes, approximately two hundred of which are known to seek blood. And, each of these has their own unique traits. These factors make mosquito control a thing that is not perfect 100% of the time.

But, in spite of the odds, our product is remarkably effective across the spectrum. That is one reason we did the bulk of our testing in the field in actual use conditions around the world over the course of eight years. And that is why we are confident in our product being able to work almost every time, in nearly all conditions.


Q: How effective is EverSafe ? A: EverSafe has been tested for 100' radius + successfully.

Q: How does it work? A: Only the pregnant female mosquito is seeking a blood meal just before laying her eggs. EverSafe releases a scent that's irresistible to them. They fly over to investigate, and the scent released by EverSafe confuses the mosquitoes until they revert to their normal non blood seeking behavior.


Q: How long does it last? A: Each pouch lasts for up to one week.

Q: Is it harmful to people and pets? A: It is safe and natural for people and pets.

Q: Is it harmful to the environment? A: No. EverSafe is made of natural and organic botanical ingredients. Only the plastic pouch, as it could be potential litter, should be recycled or disposed of properly. Future plans call for a natural biodegradable pouch.

Q:Does it work on no see-ums? A: No.

Q: What if it rains? Will it hurt the product? A: No. Effectiveness will be diminished during actual rain, but resumes in couple of hours or less. The rain does not harm the product.

Q: Does it attract or harm bees? A: No.

Q: Can it be stopped and reactivated? A: No. It cannot be stopped once activated. It can be moved, however, with care not to spill the contents, and placed in another location. DO NOT reseal the pouch after activation. Gasses could build up and the pouch may burst.

Q: Does EverSafe contain DEET? A: No.

Q: Are there conditions in which EverSafe is not effective? A: It works in almost all conditions except during rain and certain other unusual and rare weather conditions.

Q: Is it effective on all mosquito species ? A: All mosquito species tested around the world were able to be controlled with EverSafe. However, ertain rare, difficult to control species may require more EverSafe units, placed next to each other, in order to be effective. These occurrences are rare and seem short lived in duration. during a mosquito season.

Q: Is it effective in all geographical locations ? A: EverSafe has been tested around the world and on all continents.

Q: Has EverSafe been tested with actual people in real conditions? A: Yes, It has been tested with all types of people in many sizes of groups for over eight years.

Q: Does it kill or trap mosquitoes? A: No, it does not kill or trap mosquitoes. EverSafe merely modifies the behavior of the blood seeking pregnant female mosquito until the blood seeking behavior passes. Then, they revert to their normal diet of flower nectar and decaying plant material.

Q: Are there long term effects or consequences of the EverSafe approach? A: Some lower numbers of mosquitoes are noted over time in EverSafe treated areas. No negative effects, such as an increase in mosquito populations, has occurred from long term use.

Directions for Use

Add water and hang outdoors at least 20' away. - Can be placed on ground. Hang to keep away from curious animals who could tip it over and spill the contents.

It is effective up to one week, however, if the effectiveness diminishes, give the pouch a little shake to reactivate it.
For certain difficult to control species or conditions, simply use two or more units next to each other.

EverSafe can cover a large area but it will not work around barriers (walls, etc). For example, a back yard and front yard are usually separate areas that need separate units for protection.

Store in a cool dry place and keep from extreme heat and cold. Dispose of properly.